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I originally called Precision garage door repair because my door would not open. I was added to the schedule with a window from 8:00-12:00. I asked if the tech would call me before they arrived. I was told he would, however he didn't. He arrived around 11:15 and completed the job around 11:45. He mentioned that the garage door opener was installed poorly by Home Depot. He explained the problem was broken springs and some wire ...and quoted $565. It ended up being $585. I am confident everything was marked up,however I needed my garage door fixed because I had an appointment scheduled so I paid it. Alan doesn't seem to be a people person. He seemed irritated when I asked him several questions. Clearly when I am paying almost $600 I am going to ask questions. He gave my husband the same negative attitude when he spoke with him on the phone. He would probably be more successful not working with people if he is not a people person. In addition, if someone is not familiar with the parts of the garage door vs. garage door opener that was installed over 10 yrs. ago by the builder....it would be helpful for the tech to be patient and respond accordingly. While that is his area of expertise,he would feel the same way if he was dealing with something that he was not familiar with. Overall, I would not use their service again because of the unprofessional demeanor of the technician. It may have been a bad day...he may have just been grumpy and needed a hug ....I'm not sure but when you are in a service oriented business...the customer is the person you are serving and how you handle them can make or break your reputation. Finally , he used a square type of device to charge my account. He wasn't sure if it went through and I did not have time to check my account before he left because of several layers of security through the system. He wrote down my account number. I checked my account immediately after he left and I had been charged. I called the main office to inform them. Minutes later someone called back and said the tech just called and that he had charged my card again. He said he would refund it and send me a receipt which I thought was very professional. I will wait to see if my account is credited the duplicate charge.
Debra Plater
A Response from: Charan

Thank you for allowing me to discuss this problem with you. I have discussed this with my employee, and will use your comments in our training. Your card was refunded for the duplicate amount. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention, as we strive for excellent customer satisfaction.

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Garage Door Repair

Alan showed up 2 hours late. I contacted the main office 30 minutes after their scheduled window, she said he had a flat and would be there in an hour. 30 minutes later, Alan called and said he'd be there in an hour. Alan got out of his van and was on my property for less than a minute and said that the springs and entire system as well as door were shot and it would be cheaper for me to replace everything ($800 per door). I told him I wasn't in the position to buy 2 new garage doors and needed to do the minimum to get me through a few months and set aside money for replacements. He said $500-$600 and walked towards his van. He also said he wasn't going to charge me the "service fee." He would do me a favor and call it in as a sales call. Alan never removed a tool from his truck and was clearly uninterested in doing work on a Friday afternoon. I had an alternate, local contractor complete the repairs today. $65 cable and $65 trip charge, spring was still in good shape. Contractor said the door was at the end of its life, but should last about a year. I will be using them for the replacement, not Precision. If I could give less than 1 star, I would. It was a complete waste of a 1/2 day off work to wait for these jokers.
Justin mackovyak
A Response from: Charan

We apologize for the technician being so late. As you can imagine, we cannot anticipate difficulties that arise. Unfortunately, the doors were in need of replacement. Repairing them would not have been the best option at this time. Thank you for understanding.

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Install Garage Doors